What does your morning coffee say about you?

What does your morning coffee say about you?

Everyone has a different morning coffee ritual, a coffee that they’re accustomed to and has become apart of their morning routine. Just like any habit, your morning coffee says a lot about you and your personality.

The Latte Lover

You like things simple and straightforward. The latte drinker is polite and values structure.  Just like the classic latte, you’re a bit basic, in the best way possible!

Flat White’s Forever

You’re an old soul, no-nonsense type of person. You want that hit of coffee without the distraction of foam. Just like your preferred coffee, you’re upfront and enjoyable!

Everyday Espresso

You’ve got no time to waste! You’re constantly busy and love a quick fix. Like the espresso, you’re very honest and raw.  The espresso drinker is confident and knows what they want!

Can’t Compare, Cappuccino

You like coffee, but you like chocolate and creamy frothy milk more! You’re a sweet and caring person, someone who likes the finer things in life.  Just like your chocolate covered coffee hit, you’re a bit of business mixed with pleasure!

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