Why video is the biggest digital marketing trend in 2017

From SEO benefits to increased brand awareness and consumer engagement, there are countless reasons video has become a top priority for company marketing in 2017. As a relatively new social technology, brands are embracing video as a way to connect with existing customers and build a consumer base. Video is the way of the future, and here are the top five reasons video should be a part of your brand’s future as well!

Video is easy to consume  

As our social media feeds become more and more crowded with branded content, video provides a nice escape for your audience. And, it’s easy to consume! Watching something requires less energy, time and concentration, so people are more likely to click on an informative video rather than the swarms of written content they’re used to receiving. 

And easier to share

This means that getting your message across through video is much easier, and it’s more likely for that message to be shared by audiences on their social media platforms. Videos are an excellent way to capture people’s attention, so producing easily sharable visual content to promote your products and services will improve your audience reach and maximise the connection between you and your consumers. 


Stronger audience connections

Video content is more likely to be understood, absorbed and remembered than written text. It’s that simple. There’s a reason emotional connection is such a popular marketing technique – because it works.

With video comes the opportunity to incorporate emotionally stimulating music and images and make even the most dense content interesting and relatable. Becoming more video-centric will positively influence your consumer’s decision making and significantly improve your brand awareness because your content will be more memorable and relatable.

Improved SEO

While the notorious phrase ‘content is king’ holds an enormous amount of truth, only content that is interesting and engaging for the user gets to wear the royal crown. And as video content draws a bigger viewership, it is favoured by search engines.

Optimised feedback

Producing and distributing great content is one thing, but knowing whether the content is engaging your consumers is a whole other ball game. Measuring video click-through rates and how much of a video people are watching is essential to improving your content.

This kind of feedback is built into video platforms but is almost impossible to gain from written media. So, by using video in your marketing strategy, you’re able to adjust the content you’re producing based on what’s effective for your brand and what’s not, enabling you to give your audience exactly what they want.

How have you incorporated video into your marketing strategy for 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Penny Robinson-Brown