Become a goal digger!

Top tips for goal setting

There’s no denying achieving your goals is easier said than done. Knowing the outcomes we want in life are easy to consider, however figuring out how to achieve those is somewhat harder! In a world where we‘re encouraged to dream big, how do we realistically bring our fantasies to fruition?

Start small

We don’t need to tell you that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Setting small goals for yourself, like paving a path instead of building an entirely new city, will motivate you to continue setting goals for yourself when you’re happily celebrating your smaller wins.

Get real

Setting goals for yourselves that push you beyond your means, or rely heavily on the efforts of others, are avoidable roadblocks when striving to achieve your dreams. Being realistic about the ability to reach the goals you set for yourself can be a hard pill to swallow, however the stress and disappointment of failing is argued by many as being far worse.

Honour your values

Setting goals you believe in, rather than for the desire or benefit of others, is a sure fire way to set yourself up for failure. Goals require hard work, perseverance and passion to be achieved, all of which are difficult summon in yourself when a goal you’ve set is not your own.

Positive vibes

The power of positive thinking has long been attributed to achieving one’s dreams. If you want it and believe in it, it’s thought that you’re closer to achieving it. It’s important to not only believe in your goal and think positively about the outcome, it’s also important to prescribe to a ‘glass half full’ attitude should you hit a hurdle along the way.

Plan your attack

There’s a reason treasure hunters equip themselves with a map when venturing to find a pot of gold! Having a plan of attack not only prevents you from taking shortcuts or finding yourself out of your depths, having a guide to follow can keep you motivated and remind you of the benefits proceeding forward will bring.

They say good things come to those who wait, however as we see it, good things come to those who embrace goal setting! What are you looking to achieve in 2017? Comment below … we may be able to help!