Top tips for creating great blog content

Here at The Social Co we are big believers in the importance of integrating great blog content onto your business’s website. It has many great SEO benefits, provides added value to your consumer and makes for great content to be shared on your social media networks.

However, just like social media, blog content requires a strategy in order to ensure you captivate your consumer and keep them coming back for more!

Unsure where to begin? Read on for our top tips for creating great blog content!

Use short headlines:

Your readers are very likely to be time poor, so ensuring you title your articles with short and succinct headlines will really make a difference to your click-through rate.

Not convinced? Copyblogger found that 80% of people will read your headline, but only 20% will read the rest of your content so you need to captivate their attention right from the beginning.

Break up your post with sub headings:

We know you have a lot of great information to share, so make it easy for your readers to navigate the content by breaking it up into easy-to-read sub headings. You can also break up the written content with imagery and video content to keep them really engaged!

Write thought-provoking content:

In order to keep your audience coming back for more, make sure you provide blog content that is of value to your consumer. You want to write content that leaves them wanting more, or thinking about a series of questions you may pose in your articles.

Ways to this could be to share a different spin on a common topic, publish a captivating interview or tell an emotive story.

Check your spelling and grammar:

This is a must!

While your blog content can easily be tweaked and changed, nothing is more unprofessional then blog content that has spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Proof read your content at least twice and when in doubt, get a fresh set of eyes to look at the piece.

Now that you know the basics for creating great blog content make sure you tick off these points before you hit publish.

  • Have I proof read my blog?
  • Have I added great visual content?
  • Have I included subheadings and a captivating headline?
  • Have I created an informative and thought-provoking article?

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