Why your social media strategy might be struggling

Mastering your social media strategy takes time and effort and requires a consistency to ensure you engage your audience, build a following and direct the right people to purchase your product or service.

If your social media campaign has been a little lacklustre lately, here are 5 reasons why it may not be working:

You’re not consistent:

One of the biggest downfalls of social media marketing is not being consistent enough across all existing social media channels. Whether you’re too busy to post regularly, or your content and tone of voice isn’t consistent across platforms and the rest of your branding, your social media will suffer. Consistency is required to develop trust, engage your consumer and get results!

You’re posting overly promotional content:

We get it! You love your business and you want the world to know about your amazing product or service, but unfortunately not everyone wants to engage in your promotional content all the time. That’s why it’s best to scale back on your promotional content and introduce content that engages and entices your audience into your communications strategy. A great question to ask yourself before posting is, “would my audience find this interesting?”

You’re not on the right networks for your target audience:

Too often businesses think that they need to be across all social media platforms to be effective. However here at The Social Co, we believe it’s important to choose the right channels (even if it’s one or two) and to do them really well!

You don’t have an advertising budget:

If you’ve created some amazing content but no one is engaging in it or your reach is really low, then you may need to think about your advertising budget. Facebook and Instagram advertising is a low-cost advertising option that will really make a difference to your social media marketing.

You don’t have a point of difference:

The internet is flooded with businesses just like yours, so it’s important to determine a point of difference across all of your digital marketing content. Let your high-quality and engaging social media content separate you from the crowd.

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