Simple And Easy Tips For Posting Eye-Catching Content

Simple And Easy Tips For Posting Eye-Catching Content

It’s one thing to create content for your brand, but it’s another to create content that catches the collective eye and attention of your audience and leaves them hooked on your feed. Many business owners and everyday millennials struggle to make their feed look just right.

 Are we over thinking it all? How creative do we need to get to hit those likes and gain some serious followers? 

This week, we took some time to talk to our own industry professionals about what it takes to create great eye-catching content and how to keep an audience attentive.  

We started the day with almond latte lover Samantha Gray, the Senior Account Executive at Melbourne Social Co. We asked Samantha to talk us through what attracts her eye when it comes to design elements for social media.

“At the moment Im a big fan of collages – especially on Instagram!” Samantha exclaimed. “Particularly, collages which span across a gallery on Instagram. By giving people a sneak peek of the next slide, it encourages them to swipe through each image and spend more time engaging with your content. It looks really cool too!”

Tips on how to create a great Instagram feed by The Social Co

We’re sure it’s not just us who comes across a businesses Instagram and thinks ‘Wow, they have so much more potential!’ Right? So we asked Samantha, when it comes to creating eye-catching content, would you say that consistency is the winning formula, or variety is the way to go?

“I think its always a good idea to create a clear brand identity across all digital content. You want to reach a point when people see your content and know its yours before they even see your username. In saying that, there is absolutely no problem with experimenting, as long as the tone and feel are the same – its fine to get creative!”

I think its always a good idea to create a clear brand identity across all digital content.”

Next up, we spoke with Rebekah Pickett, Melbourne Social Co’s Senior Account Manager and the reigning queen of organisation. We discussed what it takes to create content that’s both original and engaging.

There’s no doubt that there must be many of you out there that find that even though your content is looking all shiny, pretty, and super polished, your business is still lacking in engagement from your followers. It’s okay – we’ve all been there. So we asked Rebekah, what kind of content does she find the most engaging? 

 “This varies depending on the brand/client and subject matter!” Rebekah says.

“But as a general rule, video content is highly engaging, particularly for Facebook. High-quality imagery, any content that offers a call-to-action or audience participation and personable images, for example images that include faces, share behind the scenes, customer testimonials or relatable stories all work best.”

“In addition to this, statistics are showing that consumers are looking at Instagram stories prior to even scrolling through their Instagram feed, so if youre looking to engage your audience, a great place to start is to get posting on Instagram stories! Instagram stories have great interactive features such as polls and questions, which is sure to encourage participation from the consumer and keep them interested in your brand and your content.”

How about that? Super wise words from Rebekah, if we don’t say so ourselves.

She has a keen creative eye and a love of statistics, making her the perfect candidate for a chat about the point where creativity and strategy meet for envy-worthy engagement.

“Poor quality images or videos would be the number one content type that generates the least amount of engagement” Rebekah explained. “Second to this would be overly sales based content that pushes products or services. People engage in content that entertains them, inspires them or provides value – so while you may think everyone wants to hear about your brand and the amazing products or services you have, unfortunately, your social media audience doesnt want to be marketed to all the time!”

So there you have it! In a sea of content, sometimes it can be harder than anticipated to get noticed. We get it. But keep these tips in mind, and your content will be sure to stand out from the crowd. Not to mention, your feed will look better than it ever has!

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Simple And Easy Tips For Posting Eye-Catching Content

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