Healthy lunch inspo to fuel your day

Busy days require a whole lot of motivation, energy and concentration, and the best way to achieve these things is with healthy brain food. There’s only so much your mind and body can do while running off the snack you grabbed on the way out the door this morning, so here are four healthy lunch ideas that are quick and easy, perfect for busy and time-poor professionals.

Mixed Rice Salad

Cook some mixed or wild rice, add some fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, kidney beans, spring onion, chickpeas, spinach leaves, lentils, or whatever yummy (healthy!) vegetables and greens you like. Mix it all up and chuck it in a container. It’s that simple.

Legumes, grains, and raw vegetables are full of good stuff like iron and protein that will help keep you on your toes for your third meeting of the day, plus you’ll have a salad you won’t dread grabbing when lunch time rolls around.

Veggie Power Sandwich

Some people shy away from sandwiches because of their supposedly unhealthy status, but if you have the right ingredients, a hearty sandwich can be the perfect power food.

Seeded and wholegrain breads are full of nutritional benefits and if you pair them with a raw salad of lettuce or spinach, avocado, cucumber, capsicum, carrot, and a little hummus for taste, your lunch will fill you up while giving you the energy you need to get through a busy day.

Sesame Seed Chicken Strips

Pan fry thin strips of chicken breast with black pepper, salt and your choice of low-fat oil. Once slightly browned and cooked through, place the chicken on a board to rest. In the same pan, lightly toast some sesame seeds for the top of your chicken strips.

Pair with some hummus and a crunchy noodle salad for the perfect protein packed lunch, with all the taste of your favourite cheat meal.

Mexican-Inspired Spicy Lettuce Cups

All you need for this one is either mince or chicken, a taco spice sachet, some onion, cucumber, avocado, red capsicum, lettuce, and about 15 minutes of your time.

Cook the meat with the onion and spice mix, chop the vegies and place everything on top of whole lettuce leaves. Use all your willpower to avoid putting cheese on top and you’ll have a delicious wholesome meal with hardly any carbs and unhealthy fats.

Do you have a favourite recipe for a healthy lunch? Share it in the comments below!

Written by Penny Robinson-Brown