Four reasons why content is king

Content. Content. Content. You’re probably sick of hearing about it (we don’t blame you!) but really, it’s an essential part of any successful website and digital marketing strategy.

In today’s digital world, content really is king. Producing content that is useful and engaging is sitting at the top of everyone’s digital strategy checklists this year, and here’s why it should be at the top of yours, too.

Strong content means strong SEO 

If you’re providing useful and interesting content to your audience, more people will visit and link to your blog or website. The more people engaging with your content through your site, the higher your Google ranking will go. The higher your Google ranking gets, the easier it is for people to find your website. It’s that simple.

Strong content should be your highest priority for SEO success. Even if your site isn’t generating large amounts of views yet, your Google ranking will improve significantly if the content you’re posting includes loads of (subtle) keywords and some external links to other sites and related articles.

Audiences will be attracted to and participate in your brand

Social media has given audiences complete autonomy over what they consume. With social platforms at everyone’s finger tips, people no longer have the time or attention spans to indulge every article and message they see online. This can be a huge drawback for businesses, which is why engaging content is the prime focus of current marketing strategies.

Essentially, if what you’re producing is interesting, useful and entertaining, audiences are more likely to stop scrolling their social media channels and take the time to read or engage with your content. This is also why it’s so important to have a good social media presence. Audiences aren’t going to consume content that’s time-consuming to reach, so it’s worth the extra effort it takes to set up and maintain those social media accounts.

Great content rewards your consumers

In 1996 Bill Gates said that if an audience is taking the time to stare at a screen in order to read your work, they deserve to be rewarded. Great content provides this reward, as the audience will feel like they’re getting something out of what they’re consuming.

Just like a cheat day amidst a rigorous exercise routine, adding value to your audience’s experience by offering online courses, product reviews and how-to guides will keep people engaged with your content and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

The more your content benefits your consumers, the more they’ll visit your website

Web traffic is essential to online success and it’s much easier to achieve when audiences are happy with the experience you’re providing. While SEO is the ruler of driving traffic to a website, keeping your online space updated with original content is the key to conversion.

How has your website benefitted from high quality content? Let us know in the comments below!