Our top tips for creating great social media content

Our top tips for creating great social media content

With social media engagement rates now more important than ever, we sat down with our Director Shelley to learn her top tips for creating great social media content.

Is it better to plan social media posts in advance or create them on the fly?

As an agency, we’re big fans of being really planned and considered when it comes to social media content. For our team, the first port of call is always a great social media strategy and content planner. Your strategy should start by clearly defining your goals and objectives and target audience, and from there you can choose the best social media channels for your brand, and map out the types of content you’ll need to create each month, and which channels you’ll be posting your content on, and when.

While this may seem like overkill to some, I really feel that you need to treat social media just like you would any other marketing or advertising channel. You wouldn’t submit a TVC or radio ad on the fly, and the same goes for your social content.

That being said, social media is of course at it’s heart a conversation with your fans. So, it’s important to be as real and authentic as possible, allow for reactive content and avoid overly promotional posts.

What social media channel is better to invest in – Facebook or Instagram?

This is a difficult question to answer, and really comes down to what you’re trying to achieve as a business. When putting together your social media strategy, it will become clear which channels are best suited to your brand.

From there, it’s a good idea to think about the position each channel plays in the purchasing cycle. We find that consumers tend to use Instagram while in the consideration phase – we all love to scroll through and look at aspirational brands to be inspired. While on the other hand, Facebook tends to play a bigger part in the conversation phase of the purchasing cycle. We find that consumers are much more likely to click through to shop on a website or to find out more about a service or product on Facebook than they are on Instagram.

It’s important when investing money into a digital marketing campaign to be really considered about the types of content your posting on these channels, and always keep your consumers behavior in mind to get the best bang for your buck!

What’s more important when it comes to social media content – quality or quantity?

Quality for sure! The brands you see doing really well on social are those that are creating really engaging content that adds value to their fans day. People today are busy, and you get about 2-3 seconds to catch their attention as they scroll through their social feeds. Without really good quality content, they’re going to scroll right past your brand.

That being said, quantity is also important. Our agency recommends that brands post 2-3 times each day to see real cut-through – particularly on Instagram. So in an ideal world, we’d love to see both quality and quantity working hand in hand!

What are the fail-safe times to post on social media?

While posting times are not as important as they once were, due to changes in Instagram and Facebook’s algorithm, we still feel it’s important to schedule your social media content based on your audience’s habits. Have a good think about your consumer and their daily lives. Are they busy young professionals who catch public transport to work? Then they’re likely going to be really active on social media from 7:00am – 8:30am while they’re sitting on the train. Maybe your targeting stay-at-home-mums with primary school aged kids? Their high traffic times tend to be around 3:30pm while they’re waiting to pick up the kids from school. If your target audience is very general, we find the best times across the board are morning – prior to 8:30am, and evening after 8:00pm.

A lot of the time trial and error is key when it comes to posting on social media. Try different timings for a month, review your analytics and adjust your strategy as necessary – there’s no exact science!

What constitutes a ‘good’ post on social media?

A good social media post is something that makes someone stop and consume it, it’s something that cuts through the very crowded social media feed.

A good post can come in many forms, it could be an amazing image, a witty caption, an animated graphic, a video, the sky’s the limit!

If it’s a promotional business post, it’s something that tells the story of your brand, but is not an ad. It’s something that makes your fans / potential customers want to stop and find out more about your brand and what you do.

If we’re going back to basics, it’s a good quality image, graphic or video with a purpose, it’s well written (no spelling mistakes) and has a strong call to action, whether that be share, comment, click through to your website or something else.

What’s more important about a social media post – the image or the caption?

Stats show that images, (and now video) get far more engagement on social media than written copy alone. And of course, social media is such a visual space, so it makes sense. So, while your visual is incredibly important in capturing your viewer’s attention, your caption can often be what converts them into a potential lead – particularly on Facebook.

What are your top tips for making a social media post go ‘viral’?

Unfortunately, there’s no exact science to creating those highly clickable posts that go from zero to a thousand views in under 5 minutes – and if there was we’d be patenting it! But, there are some things you can do to give your content a fighting chance out there in the wide world of social media!

A few of our top tips include:

  • Encouraging user participation through your content
  • Include an emotional hook
  • Tap into trends

What are your top tips for building an ‘engaged’ online audience?

Have a good strategy in place to make sure you’re creating the right types of content, and sharing it on the right platforms (at the right time!)

When planning your social media content, you shouldn’t necessarily be thinking about how to get it in front of everyone – it’s all about getting it in front of the right people! To do this, you must define who your audience is, what their interests are, and create content that will really speak to them. The more engaged your audience is, the more likely it is that your content will be shared.

Consistency is key! Make sure you’re posting good quality social media content on a regular basis.

Engage, engage, engage! Spend 15-30 minutes every day engaging with fans, likeminded users and influencers to build your network. The more you show interest in and support others on social, the more you’ll be supported right back!

Use hashtags, both branded and unbranded to curate your content.

And finally, think about supporting your social media content with an advertising budget through Facebook/Instagram ads.

Want to up your social media game? Check out our training resources here. Thinking about outsourcing your content creation to an agency? Visit our sister agency Melbourne Social Co.

We've all heard the saying 'content is king'. With social media engagement rates now more important than ever, we sat down with our Director Shelley to learn her top tips for creating great social media content.

Our top tips for creating great social media content