5 reasons why a bedtime routine is a must

Sleep is incredibly important for health, productivity and pretty much all aspects of our life.

For some, getting a good night’s sleep can seem like a constant struggle. While there are plenty of tips and tricks out there, one of the most helpful is forming a bed time routine.

  1. Switch off

There’s plenty of researching showing that the blue light emitted from screens leads to poorer quality sleep. This is because the light stimulates melatonin (much like sunlight during the day) which confuses our bodies into thinking we need to stay awake. Switch off devices an hour before bed or at the very least, take advantage of your devices settings which can reduce blue light. Try f.lux for your computer.

  1. Read

Without your usual tech by your side, you may find yourself feeling a bit lost! Try busting out a book or magazine and read for at least 15 minutes to wind down before hitting the hay.

  1. Write it out

If you tend to lie awake for hours thinking about unfinished tasks from today or your seemingly endless to do list for tomorrow, try writing it all down before bed. This way, you can relax knowing you won’t forget anything important.

  1. Drink up

Whilst a warm milk or herbal tea will help the mind to switch off; coffee, alcohol or energy drinks will do the exact opposite and it’s best to avoid these in the hours leading up to sleep.

  1. Consistent bed time

A consistent sleep and wake time is one of the most important factors of a good night’s sleep. Going to bed at the same time each night (or a least on weekdays) helps to shape your internal body clock. This means your body will ‘learn’ to feel tired and ready for bed at the same time each day. On the flipside, it also makes waking up a lot easier.

Challenge yourself to make your bed time routine a priority and you will be reaping the rewards of a rested you in no time!