5 brands making their mark on social media

Social media has taken over the world in various ways; with many companies and brands jumping on board to engage with their audiences and advertise their products. And, some are doing an amazing job of it! These are a few brands that have caught our attention on social media over the last year.


Oreo have crept in to the media spotlight with their flair and witty humor which has spread across their social media platforms. By creating digital concepts, Oreo have engaged with their audience by putting their products into the day to day life of a consumer. The simplicity of the product is reflected in their marketing strategies, by using fun, memorable and reflective situations which a consumer can relate to. Oreo work hard to maintain their engagement with their audience through the use of twitter, ensuring they reply to most their followers with quirky personal replies.


Companies such as Boohoo have the luxury of knowing their product is desirable, however within the clothing industry, competitors are popping up in all directions and adding to the crowded market. This means that Boohoo have to work harder on their strategies to keep the audience’s attention. Not only do Boohoo have an outstanding support system through their accounts to assist consumers with any issues, they also look at how they can relate to customers without directly marketing a product. By sharing the many fashion struggles that one faces within the form of memes, quotes and short videos, they have created the image of the brand being that friend you have always needed.


Who said social media had to be glamorous? Charmin have done an amazing job of engaging with their audience in one of the most unspoken places. Charmin’s #tweetfromtheseat campaign has provided amusement across twitter with hilarious stories, ridiculous polls and even blogs on how to enjoy your bathroom time to the max. It’s the little puns that can brighten up someone’s day, and Charmin have these flowing nonstop from their page. This may not seem like the most effective marketing strategy, but the next time a consumer goes to the shops to buy household needs, Charmin will flash up in their mind from the time they had a chuckle over that toilet pun.


Gopro have embraced the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” across their social media platforms. With travel becoming so accessible to this generation, Gopro focus on user generated content to increase their engagement with consumers and sell their product. No marketing schemes are needed with their branding as the audience are doing this for them, by showing their audience desirable activities with a desirable product. Everybody wants to be a part of an adventure, the team at Gopro have made this attainable by following their campaigns.


We are all aware of the brand Lego, whether it is from when we were children and building our own castles, to buying the first toys for our little ones. Lego have created something different on their social media platforms, using Youtube as their playground. The team have created their own channels reaching out to a huge variation of audiences, which is engaging consumers on so many levels. From heartwarming videos about the connection of parent and child, to animated cartoons of our favorite Lego characters being brought to life; Lego have kept their creation going throughout the years in more ways than one.

When you are scrolling through your news feed on the early morning commute, which brands stick in your mind all day?