4 Reasons Why Instagram Is Good for Business

4 Reasons Why Instagram Is Good for Business

You love your personal Insta account, right? The mini fist-pumps when your follower count rises, the puffing of the chest in response to a re-post, the schoolgirl giggle upon realising a celeb has liked one of your posts … it’s nearly impossible not to get caught up in the excitement of Instagram. So why let the fun stop with your café coffee snaps and street-style selfies?

As a business owner, it’s time to jump aboard the fastest social media train to have ever taken off as a platform. With 400 million active users on in 2016, and with 48.8% of brands conversing with the customers through their feeds everyday, you’d be as silly as a sausage not to embrace this emerging business tool.

A persuasive persona will win you fans

Instagram allows businesses to showcase their unique personality, engaging customers on a personal level by welcoming them into the brand’s world. By creating an online persona, showcasing your products and services in an aspirational light, your Instagram feed becomes a persuasive sales tool (gently spoon-feeding your wares down their mouth unlike the forceful shovels of traditional media!)

Win over followers, and potential new customers, by building a lifestyle through visuals that they simply have to be a part of. Forget the direct marketing posts of old, Instagram forces followers to daydream about the lifestyle a business has created through a feed of compelling visuals – a lifestyle that can only be achieved through purchasing what you have to offer.

Give buyers a sense of the bigger picture

The desire to buy doesn’t come from a merits of a single object – we are compelled to make a purchase in order to live the lifestyle that a product or service promises to give use. We buy a large tote, not just for the practicality, but to feel part of the fashion brat pack currently sporting the signature style about town.

Instagram allows you to give customers a sense of the bigger picture in which you product or service sits, whether it’s your latest beverage captured on film in the hands of the latest ‘it’ girl or creatively snapped in a flat lay with other items you know your consumer aspires to own. Your Instagram feed is a visual storyteller, a storyboard of how your business can benefit your followers’ lives.

You can’t put a price on customer generated content

You can sing the praises of your product or service from the rooftop of the Sydney Opera House, but nothing resonates louder than the referral of a genuinely pleased customer. Through hashtags and location tagging, it’s never been simpler for a happy camper to upload their love for you business in the form of an image or video post, which – bless – you have the ability to share. Whoever said ‘that kind of advertising ain’t cheap’ had obviously never come across Instagram!

User generated content is not purely for building trust in a brand, it is also a way to engage your following and have them feel a part of the family. Sharing content your followers have created on your feed exudes a sense of customer loyalty that’s reflected back to you through their ongoing online support and patronage.

It’s so easy, your nanna’s doing it …

Instagram is bang-on easy. Arguably the most fuss-free social media platform there is (that’s as addictively simple for a nanna to digest as an episode of Bold & The Beautiful), Instagram makes digital marketing child’s play. It’s as simple as shooting and sharing, requiring little more than a hashtag or two to swiftly send your captivating image into the Insta-land sea.

Take inspiration from brands and business you admire when deciding n a style to adopt for your feed, perhaps experimenting with filters and frames to sharpen your shots, However the key to all online messaging is to keep it simple – so if you can only master the basics, that’s all your business needs to get grammin’!


Has your business embraced Instagram? We’d love to know how Instagram has been good for your business and the impact its had on your product and service sales since going live!