3 Editing Apps you NEED for iPhone Social Media Photography

3 Editing Apps you NEED for iPhone Social Media Photography

No matter what social media platform you find yourself on, you’re likely to be inundated by beautiful photography no matter which way you look. Gone are the days when a resume or printed portfolio was the only way to display your creativity. Now, by simply opening an app, prospective employers, partners, clients and collaborators have an instant visual insight into your creative potential.

But what if you’re new to the world of social media photography? What if you don’t have access to professional photo editing software or a high quality DSLR? Is your business or personal brand’s social media accounts doomed to suffer? You can sign a breath of relief because thankfully, the wonders of modern technology have given us access to amazing tools for photo capturing and editing, all at our fingertips. Literally.

Here’s a list of a few of our favourite iOS apps to have at hand to ensure quick and easy editing like a pro, without the price tag!

Afterlight 2  $4.49

For an all round crowd pleaser with no hidden costs but with tonnes of free monthly editing extras, Afterlight 2 is the perfect app for you. Do everything you need in one place from basic brightness, contrast, saturation or exposure adjustment to cropping and image resizing, to utilising 100+ built in adjustable filters and frames. We love to experiment with this app to create our own unique filter pre-sets and layer imagery for an artsy effect.


Our friend VSCO has been around for quite some time and definitely has earned its place in the phone photography community. From basic detailed editing of your images to applying on-trend filters created by big industry brands such as Levis, you can add a touch of street cred to your images without paying a cent. Another great feature is the variety and subtlety of VSCO’s filter packs. Unlike other apps on the market, with VSCO you can emulate the soft look and feel of authentic film photography, whilst maintaining consistency across your image library or feed at the touch of a button- no messing around with pesky exposure levels here!

Facetune  $5.99

If you’re a bit of a selfie extraordinaire or really just love the look of premium, airbrushed imagery, then you’ll love this app. Considered the top phone editing app in over 100 countries, invest in this editor and your selfie game will be forever changed. Well known for it’s miraculous ‘smooth’ and ‘patch’ tools resembling high end desktop editing, you can airbrush your way to velvet smooth skin in an instant, whilst removing an annoying zit or imperfection, leaving everyone none the wiser. With specific tools used to target different facial features including eyes, hair, skin and smile, the possibilities for perfection are endless.

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